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Are you considering an Electric/Hybrid vehicle for your next purchase? 


Electric/Hybrid vehicles have, over the years, become increasingly popular. Not only are Electric/Hybrid vehicles better for the environment but they are better for the pocket.


AMC Vehicle Solutions are dedicated to helping our environment, therefore we strive to make your next Electric/Hybrid vehicle as affordable as possible.


Benefits of choosing Electric/Hybrid vehicles


Electric/Hybrid vehicles have the reputation of being more costly to purchase than regular petrol or diesel cars, however there are many benefits which make going green very attractive.


When you choose to lease an Electric/Hybrid vehicle it allows for an affordable option to go Green with lower monthly payments!


There are many other benefits from choosing an Electric/Hybrid vehicle, paying for fuel will become a thing of the past especially on fully Electric vehicles and you will benefit from driving the latest technology without worrying that the vehicle will depreciate. 


How long does it take to charge an Electric/Hybrid vehicle


Every make and model of all Electric/Hybrid vehicles have different charging times some can take up to 12 hours for a full charge or as little as an hour for a certain percentage of charge, it all depends on how many miles you will require to do your journey, the size of the battery and how quickly the charging point allows for a charge. 


A lot of Electric/Hybrid vehicle owners charge regularly, as there are electric charging points in most car parks and shopping centres so it makes sense to stick it on charge as you go about your daily routine. 

A typical Electric vehicle’s 60kWh battery takes around 8 hours for a fill charge if the battery is empty, and a 30-40 minute charge on a 50kWh charging point can give some cars 100 miles. 

Due to all of these variables it is hard to determine exactly how long it will take to charge until you have decided on a specific make and model


Are Electric/Hybrid vehicles environmentally friendly?


Electric/Hybrid vehicles are said to be better for the environment as they produce less greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel vehicles. 



Electric/Green vehicle charging at home


There are options to purchase home charging points as this makes it easier for you to charge your vehicle at night ensuring that it is fully charged for the next day. 

The government currently offers an OLEV grant towards the purchase and installation of the charging points, so as a result of this grant you will see a reduction in cost of installation making fast home charging accessible to all.


Electric/Hybrid Vehicles do also come with a built in charging unit which allows the vehicle to be charged from a standard home electric outlet, however this is something that is not necessarily a long term solution as it can take a lot longer than a specific EV charge point.


Will I save money on fuel?


You will definitely benefit from having a fully electric vehicle, especially compared to petrol or diesel.

Through using an electric motor you could save hundreds in fuel cost a year and cut your fuel bill by up to 90% 


When considering PHEV vehicles it is vital to make sure that the battery is charged daily or at night as using just the petrol or diesel engine will not be beneficial financially.


Benefits of leasing an Electric/Hybrid vehicle?


Leasing any vehicle has many benefits but when it comes to leasing Electric/Hybrid vehicles there are a lot more positives over and above the traditional internal combustion engine. 

Not only are you driving away with a brand new vehicle you're also contributing with an environmentally friendly vehicle. 

Electric/Hybrid vehicles are always adapting with new technology, this can be from their performance and what everyone is questioning which is the vehicles range. 


With monthly fixed payments at a cheaper rate through leasing you won't have the worries financially and can always hand the car back at the end of the term for a newer and upgraded version quick and easy. 


Our vehicles come with road tax included for the term and fully manufacturer warranty to give you peace of mind, to allow you to fully enjoy your Electric/Hybrid vehicle.