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Step 1: Choose the vehicle that you would like to lease with.

AMC Vehicle Solutions have access to any make and model of car or van through our vast nationwide network of main dealer groups and leasing companies.

We offer stock vehicles which are usually available for immediate delivery, pipeline orders which have short lead times as these vehicles are currently in build, and we can also factory order your next new lease car or van to be built from the ground up, to your exact requirements and specification.


Step 2: Establish a credit line for the lease contract.

A lease from AMC Vehicle Solutions is no different to any other finance agreement and will require all customers to go through a credit check.

The application is a quick and simple process and can be completed online for both a personal or business lease. 

We will be unable to process any order without a credit check and subsequent credit approval.


Step 3: Place your lease order with AMC Vehicle Solutions.

Once we have received confirmation of a credit approval from the chosen lender, we will be able to generate your lease file which will contain several documents relating to your new lease and which will get signed at different stages this is also known as 'the paperwork’ The first of which, and most important, is the vehicle order form. We request that or customers read through this, and check that all of your personal details are correct, but most importantly make sure that the make, model, specification, colour and interior of your chosen lease vehicle are 100% correct, as this is how your new vehicle will be ordered. The order form needs to be signed and returned to us for processing asap.


Step 4: Your order is placed with one of our dealers.

Once we are in receipt of your signed vehicle order form, and our processing fee invoice has been paid, we will officially order your vehicle with one of our main dealers. Whether the vehicle be in stock or factory order, we will keep track of your order and provide you with regular updates on build progress of your new vehicle.


Step 5: Sign your lease agreement.

This is the main part of the paperwork for your new lease vehicle and is also known as master hire agreement. 

Depending on which finance/lease/funder that your agreement is with, this may be a wet signed hard paper document or an electronic agreement which is signed using an e-signature. We will require a copy of your driver's licence and/or passport, to verify your identity, and may also require a recent utility bill and/or bank statements to verify your address. This process is known as know your customer (KYC). Please note: All required proofs will be announced at the point that the application is accepted. No vehicles will be delivered/handed over without a completed and signed agreement, supported by all requested and relevant proofs which will be checked and then authorised for delivery.


Step 6: Delivery of your new lease vehicle.

Now for the most exciting part. Once your lease vehicle is in stock, and all documents have been signed and authorised, we will contact you to arrange the best delivery date for you. We offer free nationwide delivery and we will always do our best to meet your delivery requirements. We also offer a collect from us facility which will include a full professional handover by a member of our team at our headquarters situation in Greater Manchester at no extra cost. When the vehicle is delivered, please thoroughly inspect the vehicle to check it is all correct and without damage. If anything is found, then please contact us straight away by clicking the link.